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CARE instructions

When properly cared for and maintained, your AMOQ gear will both function as intended and last longer!
  • Always clean dirt and stains off the outer fabric, zippers, and sliders as quickly as possible. Most stains come off just by wiping with a damp cloth.

  • To retain waterproofness and breathability of the garment, avoid excessive washing. Airing the garment outside is often enough.

  • Wash the garment according to the washing instructions. Remember to close zips, velcros, and plackets. Avoid using fabric softener on garments with waterproof and technical materials.

  • Hang the garment to dry immediately. Waterproof garments should never be tumble dried or dried in drying cabin or Sauna as high temperatures damage the seam sealings.

  • Store the garment hanging or loosely folded in a dry and ventilated space.
Possible warranty claims are always handled through our dealers. Wash, dry and bring your product and receipt to the dealer from whom you purchased the product, and they will help you with the claim.